Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuna spinach salad

So lately I've been so busy trying out dessert/snack recipes that I kind of forgot to makes some yummy dinners. I really really love homemade tunasalad so without any recipe I tried to make a healthy one myself. Turned out prettyyyyyyyyyy awesome.

1 can tuna in water - drained
70g low fat greek yoghurt35g pickles
Salt/pepper to taste
Spinach - just how much you'd like
50g corn
30g onion
5g chives
50g red bell pepper

Drain the tuna can and mix it with the greek yoghurt. Chop the veggies and mix it all together, voila! I added some chia and pumpkin seeds on top.

NUTRITION per serving
249 calories, 
21g carbs, 
3g fat, 
31g  protein

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